• 2013 The Missionary as CIA Secretary
  • 2012 World Without End (TV mini-series) based on the book by KEN FOLLET
    as Silvia (Season 1)
    directed by Michael Caton-Jones
  • 2012 The Borgias (TV series) as Flirtatious Lady (Season 2)
    directed by Neil Jordan
  • 2011 Season of the Witch
  • 2010 The Nutcracker in 3D as Freud's Niece
    directed by Andrey Konchalovsky
  • 2009 Kröd Mandoon (BBC TV series) as Fiona
  • 2008 Valami Amerika 2.
  • 2008 Amusement (New Line Cinema, Picturehouse Entertainment) as Cat
  • 2007 Robin Hood (BBC TV series) as Beatrice
  • 2007 The Company (Sony Pictures Television) as Agrippina
Nominated for Golden Globe in 'Best Mini-Series or Motion Pictue made for Television' category Stars: Chris O'Donell, Alfred Molina, Michael Keaton
  • 2006 The Collector /The Exorcist/ as Jasmina
  • 2006 Robin Hood (BBC TV series) as Forrest's Wife
  • 2006 Bianco (Short Film)
  • 2006 Girls as Teri
  • 2006 Day of Wrath as Carmen's Maid
  • 2005 Fej vagy írás as College Girl
  • 2001 First Generation as Evil's Girlfriend

music videos

  • 2006 Mom's Favourite
  • 2006 Adam Balint 'Túl késő'
  • 2006 Crazy P 'Lady Tangerine'
  • tv commercials

    T-Mobile (Hungary); Toyota Aygo (Europe); Sunsilk, Vodafone (The Netherlands); T-Com (Hungary), Wella (Europe); Unilever (Hungary); Westel (Hungary); Panasonic (Hungary); Old Spice (East-Europe, Russia); Freschetta (Hungary); Mitsubishi Colt (Greece); Living Legends as Cleopatra (Lebanon); Nicorette (Europe); Image Film of Hungary; Rexona (World Campaign); Jó reggelt mini (Hungary); T-Home (Hungary); Algoflex-M (Hungary); Blum (catalogue, Austria)